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LightAct partner in Dubai

          Illusion XR Studio is an official reseller of LightAct in Dubai and MENA region - a cutting-edge software and hardware platform designed to meet the needs of live events, fixed installations, and broadcast industries.


What LightAct has to offer:


  • Powerful Tools for Projection Mapping:

    • LightAct is the ultimate projection mapping platform. With its advanced 3D-based workflow, cutting-edge camera projector calibration, and intuitive manual warping and blending tools, LightAct gives you everything you need to create jaw-dropping projections that captivate and engage audiences.


  • LightAct for Unreal Engine and Notch:

    • Whether you need to play pre-rendered videos in huge resolutions or harness the power of Unreal Engine or Notch real-time render engines to create interactive visuals, LightAct has got you covered. LightAct offers seamless integration with Unreal Engine and Notch real-time render engines.

  • Deliver Projects of Any Scale:

    • LightAct is equally comfortable in single or multi-server setups. Its advanced workload distribution system ensures that each server takes care of only what’s necessary, optimizing your multi-server setup for maximum performance. Whether you need to manage a small-scale event or a large-scale installation, LightAct’s powerful technology guarantees seamless performance that leaves a lasting impression on any audience.

  • Rely on Powerful Hardware:

    • LightAct offers a range of powerful hardware options to suit any project. From reActor servers to Sync servers, Solo servers, and Iris computer vision, LightAct has got you covered.

        Watch LightAct Showreel:



Learn more about LighAct:

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